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It's a little unusual to be photographing another photographers studio. There's a "special kind of pressure" in doing this. I always want to create amazing images and amazing virtual tours for all of my clients. However, with another photographer it's hard not to feel a little self conscious. I know what I'm doing and I'm confident in my abilities but it's still nerve racking. Fortunately, Gretchen and I are good friends and we've actually worked together on many shoots over the years. She does entirely different photography from me so we aren't exactly competitors. She is a portrait and wedding photographer. She specializes in children and senior portraits as well as amazing weddings. I've assisted her on several of her weddings. I'm no longer a portrait or wedding photography. These days I focus exclusively on my commercial, editorial, and Google Business photography. Very often when someone asks me about portraits or weddings I send them Gretchen's way. I know she will do excellent work and those referrals will have a great experience. So check out the conventional still images and virtual tour of Gretchen's studio in Helena, Alabama. To view more of her work see her wedding and portrait website or her senior portraits site. [gallery type="circle" ids="1703,1704,1705,1706"]

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