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Pathway Pediatrics - Birmingham AL Commercial Photography by Tommy Daspit

Tommy Daspit is a commercial, architectural, real estate, and Google Trusted Photographer in Birmingham, AL

I recently created a Google 360º virtual tour for a newly opened pediatric clinic in Chelsea. They were working with Vehicle Media, a local web design company that I’ve partnered with on several projects in the past, to develop their website. They recommended that I create the Google tour and photos for the site design. I have always enjoyed working with Paul and Greg at Vehicle Media. They do great work and it’s nice to know that they trust me with their clients. I make it a point to only refer my clients to businesses that I know will take good care of them. After all it’s my reputation on the line as well!

I met with Megan, the practice manager and lactation nurse, before construction on the office was complete. Even in it’s unfinished state I knew it would be a great looking place and I was looking forward to photographing it!

In addition to the 360º tour and conventional commercial photos, I also created an interactive version of the tour with HotSpots. This is a new thing I’m offering on the Google tours (see this page to learn more). For the version of the tour embedded on the client’s website and Facebook pages, I can make it interactive. It can be customized with a navigation menu, automatic information when specific areas are viewed, and icons placed throughout that viewers can click on for more information. For example I can embed photo galleries, videos, links to websites or files, more details, etc. It helps a business engage more with the client, keeps them there longer, and helps them feel more connected to the business. It really takes the Google tour to a whole new level!

I’ve embedded the interactive tour below so give it a spin! Let me know what you think in the comments below or send me a message if you'd like to learn more about how this can benefit your company!

Click and drag to look around. Click arrows to go from one room to the next and click icons for additional information.

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Non Google Commercial 360º Virtual Tours by

Most people know that I am a Google Maps Business View Photographer. That means that I create 360º virtual tours of businesses and embed them on Google Maps, StreetView, Google + Local, etc. These Google Maps tours are a great way to show off your business and stand out on Google. Unfortunately not all business are eligible for a Google tour. If you are a home based business, service business without a retail location, commercial real estate, residential real estate, or apartment complex, I cannot do a Google tour. If this fits your business or need fear not! I also create high quality, virtual tours independent of Google. I use the same equipment and the same basic techniques. The software I use to create the tours is different so there is a slight interface difference. The tours are still mobile friendly. This is so important since  it's estimated that 40% of all web traffic is mobile now (I think it's higher than that). I'm always striving to be the very best commercial photographer serving the greater Birmingham metro area and beyond. 

Check out the Reserves at North River in Tuscaloosa. I created a virtual tour of each of their different floor plans. They have embedded the tours on their website. Unlike some other options, you can host your own tour on your own hosting provider.

Tommy Daspit Photographer strives to offer the very best in commercial photography for Birmingham, Alabama and beyond. He offers commercial, editorial, and Google Maps Business View photogaphy.

Pricing is very reasonable but each job is unique. Contact me to discuss the details.