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Last month I got the opportunity to create a Google Business Photos virtual tour for Primeaux Cheese & Vino (pronounced Pre-mo but Mason, the owner, is from New Orleans so he put one his own personal twist). If you weren't familiar with them don't beat yourself up, they are brand new after all. But, now that you know, you must now put them on your list of places to check out. That is, unless you don't like either cheese not vino. But wait! Even if by some chance you are one of those few people in the world who dislike both, they still have you covered. They also make amazing artisan sandwiches. Kelly and I both give them 2 napkins up in that department! To be perfectly honest I'd never even heard of a Cheese and Vino place. I know that might make me sound uncultured but it's true. This is the first such place I've ever been to. I'm very impressed with the ambiance, the food, and everyone that works there is amazingly knowledgeable and personable, a rare trait to find these days! Check out the virtual tour and conventional commercial still images below. You can always check out Primeaux's website and Google + Local pages.  

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