Danberry at Inverness - Hoover, AL Assisted Living and Retirement Community / by nikonic1976@yahoo.com

When I retire, Danberry at Inverness is the kind of place where I would want to be! Located in-between Valleydale Rd and Hwy 280 in Hoover, is the most amazing retirement community you will ever find in the Birmingham area. The facilities are modern and feel like a luxury resort. They have an art studio, exercise facility, a bar, library, screened in back porch, out door dining, nail and hair salons, massage, swimming, a conference room, medical facilities, private dining, a fire pit, and much more. From the very first time I walked in I was amazed at how nice the place is. I actually overheard on resident say that she’d “already died and gone to heaven” it was so nice at Danberry!

For me, this was an exciting photographic challenge. For the Google Maps Virtual tour, this would be the largest place I’d ever attempted to create a tour of. I knew it would be challenging but I was up for the task! One thing that made it so much easier was all of then cheerful help I got from Lori Krueger (Marketing/Sales Manager) and her team. They worked tirelessly to help make sure each shot and each panorama was perfect. It would have a much more difficult task without them assisting!

Speaking of Lori and her team, I was really impressed on how each staff member knew each residents name and called them by it. There was a real sense of caring and attention to the needs, both comfort and social, of everyone who calls Danberry home. I know that if I had to find a place for my parents to retire to, Danberry would be at the top of my list!

To learn more about Danberry at Inverness check out their website and Google My Business Page. See the conventional architectural commercial photography I created and the 360º virtual tour below!

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