Momentum - Commercial Architectural Photography Tuscaloosa AL by Tommy Daspit

Twilight exterior of the credit union headquarters. Twilight shots can be compelling attention grabbers. They're one of my favorite shots by far.

The marketing director at Momentum, a commercial builder based in Seattle, contacted me a little over a year ago about photographing a credit union they had built in Tuscaloosa. They liked my work but ultimately went with another photographer. Then something unusual and unexpected happened. A couple of months ago they contacted me again. They’d just finished building a headquarters for that same credit union, also in Tuscaloosa. This time they wanted me to shoot the project. Not that the other photographer was bad per se, the images just weren’t what they had in mind. Of course I was very happy to help out and appreciated the new opportunity.

I scouted the location inside and out when I was in town to photograph another project. I always prefer to see the space in advance of photographing it. This allows me to think through compositions, light, time, staging, and equipment needs ahead of time. Although not always possible, it does help things go more smoothly. In this case it was very valuable. The client and I were able to communicate at length to make sure we were on the same page. Given the distance and time zone issues between Alabama and Seattle, having that advance walkthrough was huge.

This was also a more rare case when we would incorporate people into more of the images. Momentum wanted to convey how the space was actually utilized and give it more of a “human” feel. We enlisted some of the credit union staff to serve as models. For some images we had them move and captured them as a blur to convey movement and energy. For others we had them interact to give a feeling of how the space was used. I was definitely tapping into my portrait and wedding photographer roots on this project!

The end result was one that the client was thrilled with! Here’s what they had to say:

Tommy was very accommodating to our client's schedule and was respectful of their work environment to make sure the he was not disturbing their work during the shoot. The finished images were fanatic!” - Jay-E Emmingham Marketing Director

Long corridors like this are especially tough to photograph. Getting the exposures and lighting balanced is no small order!

Dusting off my portrait photographer skills, we incorporated people into some of the images to give a feel for space usage and some human energy.

Non Google Commercial 360º Virtual Tours by nikonic1976@yahoo.com

Most people know that I am a Google Maps Business View Photographer. That means that I create 360º virtual tours of businesses and embed them on Google Maps, StreetView, Google + Local, etc. These Google Maps tours are a great way to show off your business and stand out on Google. Unfortunately not all business are eligible for a Google tour. If you are a home based business, service business without a retail location, commercial real estate, residential real estate, or apartment complex, I cannot do a Google tour. If this fits your business or need fear not! I also create high quality, virtual tours independent of Google. I use the same equipment and the same basic techniques. The software I use to create the tours is different so there is a slight interface difference. The tours are still mobile friendly. This is so important since  it's estimated that 40% of all web traffic is mobile now (I think it's higher than that). I'm always striving to be the very best commercial photographer serving the greater Birmingham metro area and beyond. 

Check out the Reserves at North River in Tuscaloosa. I created a virtual tour of each of their different floor plans. They have embedded the tours on their website. Unlike some other options, you can host your own tour on your own hosting provider.

Tommy Daspit Photographer strives to offer the very best in commercial photography for Birmingham, Alabama and beyond. He offers commercial, editorial, and Google Maps Business View photogaphy.

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