804 57th St - Crestwood Alabama Real Estate Photography by Tommy Daspit

This week I got to photograph another listing for the Lee Marks and Jimbo Kidd Team from Realty South. I always love working with these two and this home was no exception. The Crestwood area of Birmingham is rising in popularity and it seems to be an area they specialize in. This isn't the first listing I’ve shot for them there. 

This particular home has been really well maintained but the basement was my favorite feature. I think it would be the perfect spot for party throwing and I especially loved the really old range and oven!

I will say that this will always be one of my most memorable shoots as long as I’m in the business. The home owners are very talented musicians and I was treated to a live performance on the piano! Truly unique experience and made my job even more fun than it normally is!

Check out the full listing and photos here.

Interested in buying or selling a home? Lee and Jimbo do a great job!

Lee Marks



Jimbo Kidd



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