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Sonnet House - Google Maps Business View Virtual Tour - Leeds Alabama by nikonic1976@yahoo.com

I’m thrilled to announce that the Google Maps Business View Virtual tour and conventional commercial still photography images of Sonnet House in Leeds is now live!

The Sonnet House is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the greater Birmingham area. It was always one of my dreams to photograph a wedding there. Sadly, while I did photograph many beautiful weddings in many beautiful locations, I was never able to shoot one there. Now that I’m retired from wedding photography that opportunity has passed but I think this kind of makes up for it!

The Google 360º virtual tour of Sonnet House is one of the largest and most complex that I’ve done to date. I was excited, but also a little nervous about the challenge. I wanted to make sure that the true beauty of this venue came through in the final product. I wanted Jared and his team to take pride in showing it to potential clients. I think the results speak for themselves! I couldn’t be more proud of how it all came together and I look forward to showing it off to my clients as well.

Click below to see the conventional still images I created and view the virtual tour. You can learn more about the Sonnet House on their website and Google My Business Pages. If you are in need of a venue for a wedding or special event, make sure you check out the Sonnet House!

click the thumbnail below to view full size image


walkthrough the Sonnet House with the virtual tour below