Pho Pho Vietna

Pho Pho Vietnamese & Sushi - Birmingham AL Google Maps Business View Photography by Tommy Daspit

Birmingham AL Food Photography

There’s an all new restaurant in Birmingham’s 5 Points. I had the pleasure of creating a Google Maps Business View virtual tour of Pho Pho Vietnamese and Sushi. Along with the virtual tour I photographed the inside and some of their dishes. 

I will say that unlike some food photography, what you see is what you will actually get at Pho Pho. I did very little in the way of arranging what the chef prepared for me to photograph. Of course it doesn’t matter if the food looks good if it tastes bad. To that I can testify that it’s excellent! I was able to sample some the day of the shoot (I wish I could say I usually eat the food I photograph but this is rarely the case). Then later that week I took Kelly there for an evening out. We both love sushi and we hadn’t had any since she became pregnant with Pippa, some 18 months ago. So we were really excited when we tasted how amazingly fresh and wonderful the sushi and sashimi were! Seriously, it was excellent.

Pho Pho is open for both lunch and dinner, closed only on Sunday. If you are looking for some great Asian food with a great atmosphere, check out Pho Pho and be sure to tell them I sent you!

Check out the still photos and virtual tour below. You can also learn more about Pho Pho on their Google + page.

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