Carver Theater - Bimingham AL Commercial Photography by Tommy Daspit

Carver Theater - Bimringham AL Commercial Photographer

I’m really proud of one of my most recent shoots. Not just because of my photography, but because of the subject matter. Alabama Media Group contacted me about commercial photography for a project they were working on. Kelly Garwood, a new art director with the company, needed a photographer that specialized in architectural work, especially interiors. I’d worked with a different art director there on a previous project for a high end plumber. He recommended that she give me a call.

When I learned that the project was for the historic Carver Theater in Birmingham I knew this was one I couldn’t miss out on. The Carver is a historic landmark in its own right. Originally a black theater it was the only place for African Americans in Birmingham to see first run movies in 1935. It was renovated in 1945 and in 1990 became the home of the Alabama Jazz Hall of fame. Today they host concerts, plays, private events, and screen classic movies. 

Alabama Media Group had been hired by the theater to create a new marketing campaign, logo, and web presences. Of course they were in need of some great photos to go along with all of that. I was honored to be selected to do just that. While I always want to do a good job and always work hard, there was a level of extra pressure involved here. It was important to me that I showcase this historic landmark in a way that would make people want to go there! 

Working with Kelly and Dr Leah Tucker, executive director of the theater and museum, was a great experience. They were both professional and clearly dedicated to this historic Birmingham icon. See a few of my favorites below and if you are in Birmingham, be sure to take some time to visit the museum and theater!

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