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Most people think restaurant, retail shopping, or attraction when it comes to the Google Maps Business View virtual tours. That does make sense. People will often choose businesses like those based solely on how the look. However, any business with a brick and mortar location, that wants people to come to it, can benefit from the program. Think of your businesses Google + Local page as its Yellow Pages listing for the modern era. In the past the larger your ad, the more your phone rang because it was more eye catching. In the same way the Google photos and tour bring more visitors to your site because the added visuals make it more eye catching. Being able to virtually tour a business will separate it out from competitors that don’t have it. Once customers do come in there’s a greater feeling of familiarity because it’s like they've been there before.

Then there’s the SEO (search engine optimization) boost. Because the businesses information and location are verified in the Google Maps Business View process, this is weighed in the search result algorithm. The more validating sources Google has, the higher you move up in the rankings relative to your competition.

Take a look at the conventional commercial still images and the virtual tour of Moses and Moses Law Firm below. You can learn more about them on their website.

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