Canales Orthodontics - Alabaster, Alabama Commercial Photography / by

Angie and Chris Canales are a husband and wife orthodontics team practicing in the Birmingham area. They have three locations, Alabaster, Gardendale, and Brookwood. The Alabaster location is the newest and that’s the one they hired me to create the Google Maps Business View virtual tour of. I will say that I was very excited to create the tour and commercial images. Angie did all the design herself and I must say that she did a fantastic job! The colors, materials, light, are all great and a photographers dream. While I don’t have need for their services yet (I do have 3 kids with number 4 on the way), I can tell you that they are both very wonderful people to work with. Very positive and engaging. Chris and Angie are innovative thinkers as well. The iPad stations for those waiting are like nothing I’ve seen before. So, if you have a need for some teeth straightening in the Birmingham metro area, give Chris and Angie Canales a call!

Learn more about Canales Orthodontics on their website and be sure to check out the still images and virtual tour below!

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