Jones Orthodontics - Birmingham AL Commercial Interiors Photographer by Tommy Daspit

Dr Jones put a lot of thought and effort into making every part of his practice instill confidence in his patients. It was my job to capture that photographically. This image is a blend of multiple ambient and strobe exposures. 

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a brand new orthodontics office in Pelham. Dr Jones has been a practicing orthodontist with another group for some time but this is his first venture out on his own.

Not having an established clientele, Dr Jones needs to attract new patients. To help do this he knew that he had to establish credibility. Every detail from form to function was carefully thought through in the creation of the waiting, consultation, and treatment spaces. The practice was very well done but if know one saw it then that work would be wasted.

Dr Jones contacted me about creating images to do just that. He needed photos for his website, social media, and marketing materials. Having been a small business owner, and having started up business from scratch, I could relate to the stress, apprehension, hope, and excitement involved. I was honored to help him begin his practice and to help him become successful!

This image was especially challenging. The long narrow hallway from the treatment to waiting room was difficult to light. Controlling the reflections in the office glass, balancing multiple color temperatures, ambient and artificial light made for some creative techniques. In the end I think it came together pretty well!

Dr Jones was especially proud of his office/consultation room. A lot of effort went into it's styling and build out. The glass wall and door were the biggest challenge of the shot. They were creating HUGE reflections from all the light sources. Capturing the detail in the office without these reflections required digging deep into my bag of photographic tricks. I attached a large black cloth to a background stand and used it as a shield to block light coming in from the side. I only had enough to do half the office at a time. So I photographed the right, then broke it down and reset up on the left. I then blended the images in Photoshop to create the final result.

Need an orthodontist in the Pelham area? Lean more about Dr Jones and his practice on his website and Facebook pages.

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Canales Orthodontics - Alabaster, Alabama Commercial Photography by nikonic1976@yahoo.com

Angie and Chris Canales are a husband and wife orthodontics team practicing in the Birmingham area. They have three locations, Alabaster, Gardendale, and Brookwood. The Alabaster location is the newest and that’s the one they hired me to create the Google Maps Business View virtual tour of. I will say that I was very excited to create the tour and commercial images. Angie did all the design herself and I must say that she did a fantastic job! The colors, materials, light, are all great and a photographers dream. While I don’t have need for their services yet (I do have 3 kids with number 4 on the way), I can tell you that they are both very wonderful people to work with. Very positive and engaging. Chris and Angie are innovative thinkers as well. The iPad stations for those waiting are like nothing I’ve seen before. So, if you have a need for some teeth straightening in the Birmingham metro area, give Chris and Angie Canales a call!

Learn more about Canales Orthodontics on their website and be sure to check out the still images and virtual tour below!

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