1333 Branchwater Ln - Vestavia Hills Real Estate Photographer / by Tommy Daspit

Last week I was contacted by agent Susie Denson of Realty South. She needed me to photograph a home she was listing in Vestavia Hills and needed some great images. Having worked with Susie in the past, and knowing the quality of her listings I was very excited!

This home did not disappoint! It’s in a great neighborhood and had obviously been extensively renovated. The back deck and back yard was especially impressive. I would venture to say that it was one of the nicest back yards I’ve ever photographed!

My other favorite feature was the formal living room. Lights had been embedded in the crown moulding all around the room. This gave it a very unique look that I haven’t seen anywhere else. While it looked great in person it was actually quite the challenge to photograph. Getting the lights to show up in the image without the rest of the room looking too dark required quite the balancing act. I probably spent more time on this room than any other. I think the results speak for themselves!

This is really one of the things I love most about architectural and real estate photography. Each home, building, or business is very unique. Each one requires different photographic techniques and often stretch my technical and creative abilities! That’s why I love my job so very much.

Check out the photos below and you can learn more about this home on the listing page here!

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