Willow Homes - Birmingham AL Architectural Photography by Tommy Daspit

Last week I got the opportunity to photograph an amazing project for Willow Homes of Birmingham. Jason Hale, owner, hired me to create images a house in Homewood that his company had remodeled. 

For most of it’s life this was a two bedroom, post WWII, Craftsman style ranch home. From the “before” photos I’d seen, it’s better days seemed to be well in the past. That was until Jason went to work. The transformation is nothing less that stunning. Many people would have torn down the old home and started from scratch. Instead, the new owners have a home with all the modern touches with a history and a character like none other. This one of a kind creation fits the character of the historic neighborhood in a way that no completely new construction could. 

Some complete and so impressive was the remodeling of this house, it won a gold medal in the recent parade of homes. Seeing the before and after first hand I can say that I’m not surprised. Jason and his team at Willow Homes are obviously very skilled and talented. It was an honor to create these photos to showcase their work. 

I know that if I ever need remodeling work for my home, Jason will be the first I call! See more of their projects on their website.

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VisionFirst Eye Center - Trussville Alabama - Google Business Photos by Tommy Daspit Photographer by

Over the past few weeks I've been creating Google Business Photos 360 virtual tours of the VisionFirst Eye Centers in the Birmingham, Alabama area. The first one is the Trussville location. The building it's self is fantastic looking. Because of weather I did have to go back when the sky wasn't so gray. I think you will agree that it was worth the effort. I was very impressed by the staff at VisionFirst. Everyone was very professional and great to work with. I could tell by watching their patient interactions that they know what they're doing and really care for them. The amount of state of the art equipment was very impressive as well. There was training going on for the staff nearly every time I went in. I know that they will do an excellent job for you if you need eye care! Check out the virtual tour and sample still images below! [gallery type="circle" ids="1746,1740,1741,1742,1743,1744,1745,1747"]

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