Forest Remodel - Homewood Al Residential Interiors Photography by Tommy Daspit

Twilight Exterior of Susan Gordon's Homewood Alabama home. It won best in Show in the Greater Birmingam Homebuilders Association Remodel competition.

Twilight Exterior of Susan Gordon's Homewood Alabama home. It won best in Show in the Greater Birmingam Homebuilders Association Remodel competition.

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this project for quite some time! I photographed this project (the remodeled home of the famous Susan Gordon of Susan Gordon Pottery) back in February. I had to hold off posting about it until the article about it was published this month in Birmingham Magazine. Although it won Best in Show for the 2018 Greater Birmingham Homebuilders Association remodeling competition and was published in their quarterly magazine, it’s customary to hold off posting about a project when there’s a pending article on it.

There was so much awesomeness in this project that it’s no surprise that it won awards and much acclaim. It was a joint project with Willow Homes, Willow Design Studio (Katherine Bailey Designer), Chickadee Interiors, and of course, the amazingly talented Susan Gordon herself. I especially loved the kitchen.The open space with the living and dining rooms with the kitchen provided some fun challenges but I think we captured the essence of the space well. I especially loved the combination of traditional cabinetry with the open shelves that showcased Susan’s craftwork. I employed nearly every technique in my arsenal to control and enhance the natural light in the space to capture the feeling of being there. I’m very proud of that my images helped Willow Homes and Willow Design capture the Best in Show award for the remodeling competition. Ultimately my job is to help my clients showcase their hard work with the highest possible quality images. That it was award winning and showcased by Alabama Homebuilder and Birmingham Magazine only validates all that went into creating those images.

I’m honored to have been a part of capturing this amazing remodel and proud of my clients, and my team for all of their hard work!

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Birmingham Magazine July 2018

Alabama Homebuilder Magazine Spring 2018

Willow Homes - Birmingham AL Architectural Photography by Tommy Daspit

Last week I got the opportunity to photograph an amazing project for Willow Homes of Birmingham. Jason Hale, owner, hired me to create images a house in Homewood that his company had remodeled. 

For most of it’s life this was a two bedroom, post WWII, Craftsman style ranch home. From the “before” photos I’d seen, it’s better days seemed to be well in the past. That was until Jason went to work. The transformation is nothing less that stunning. Many people would have torn down the old home and started from scratch. Instead, the new owners have a home with all the modern touches with a history and a character like none other. This one of a kind creation fits the character of the historic neighborhood in a way that no completely new construction could. 

Some complete and so impressive was the remodeling of this house, it won a gold medal in the recent parade of homes. Seeing the before and after first hand I can say that I’m not surprised. Jason and his team at Willow Homes are obviously very skilled and talented. It was an honor to create these photos to showcase their work. 

I know that if I ever need remodeling work for my home, Jason will be the first I call! See more of their projects on their website.

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