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Educational child tutoring outside of school is not a new thing. Learning centers have been around as long as I can remember. In the past it was viewed as a way to help struggling or failing students up in grades. Now there’s just as much emphasis on taking good students and making them great. The pressure to attend college, especially a good one, has never been greater. The competitive nature of today’s job market make every grade on every test that much more important. 

So a new breed of tutoring center has come onto the scene. The Grade Power Learning Centers are one of those. Created in England, the Birmingham area now has two locations. In Birmingham off of Hwy 280 and Pelham, close to I-65. These brand new centers are amongst the very first in the United States. Rather than teach memorization, Grade Power teaches how to learn. They give the students a foundation that will help them not only now, but throughout their academic careers.

“Confidence is a big part of helping children get better grades,” says Tony Mauro, Owner and Executive Director of GradePower Birmingham. “When children start to feel better about their learning abilities, they can accomplish anything. We’re really happy to be bringing these learning opportunities to the Birmingham community.”

I’m excited to work with Tony and his team to help promote Grade Power. I created Google Maps Business View 360º virtual tours of each location, as well as conventional commercial still images. These will help the Grade Power Learning Centers stand out from their competition and give both parents and their children an opportunity to tour the centers before coming in.

So if you want to give your child an academic boost, I highly recommend giving Grade Power a look! Learn more about them on their websites: Birmingham Hwy 280  and Pelham.

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