Jones Orthodontics - Birmingham AL Commercial Interiors Photographer by Tommy Daspit

Dr Jones put a lot of thought and effort into making every part of his practice instill confidence in his patients. It was my job to capture that photographically. This image is a blend of multiple ambient and strobe exposures. 

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a brand new orthodontics office in Pelham. Dr Jones has been a practicing orthodontist with another group for some time but this is his first venture out on his own.

Not having an established clientele, Dr Jones needs to attract new patients. To help do this he knew that he had to establish credibility. Every detail from form to function was carefully thought through in the creation of the waiting, consultation, and treatment spaces. The practice was very well done but if know one saw it then that work would be wasted.

Dr Jones contacted me about creating images to do just that. He needed photos for his website, social media, and marketing materials. Having been a small business owner, and having started up business from scratch, I could relate to the stress, apprehension, hope, and excitement involved. I was honored to help him begin his practice and to help him become successful!

This image was especially challenging. The long narrow hallway from the treatment to waiting room was difficult to light. Controlling the reflections in the office glass, balancing multiple color temperatures, ambient and artificial light made for some creative techniques. In the end I think it came together pretty well!

Dr Jones was especially proud of his office/consultation room. A lot of effort went into it's styling and build out. The glass wall and door were the biggest challenge of the shot. They were creating HUGE reflections from all the light sources. Capturing the detail in the office without these reflections required digging deep into my bag of photographic tricks. I attached a large black cloth to a background stand and used it as a shield to block light coming in from the side. I only had enough to do half the office at a time. So I photographed the right, then broke it down and reset up on the left. I then blended the images in Photoshop to create the final result.

Need an orthodontist in the Pelham area? Lean more about Dr Jones and his practice on his website and Facebook pages.

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Susan Schein Automotive - Pelham AL Google Business Photos Virtual Tour by

Susan Schein Automotive in Pelham (just outside of Birmingham, Alabama) is a rarity amongst independent pre-owned car dealerships. As a former new car dealership, it’s quite a bit bigger than your average buy here, pay here operation. It’s also quite a bit nicer too. You can tell the moment you walk on the lot that this operation is a cut above its competition.

Unlike most other used car dealers, Susan Schein boasts a full service and parts department. As a NAPA service center they have parts and expertise to work on all makes and models. This allows them to fully inspect and service all of the cars they sell, both before and after the sale. So unlike other pre-owned dealers, they have a vested interest in keeping you happy. They want you to continue to service the car you purchased from them, with them.

For this reason I was quite excited to be able to create a Google 360º tour for them. As an independent and family owned local operation they need all the help they can get in marketing. They don’t have the full resources of a large international corporation sending them business. They must earn all that they accomplish. This is one of the things I love about the Google Maps Business View program. It does so much to level the playing field for the small, independent, and local business.

I’m proud to show off the conventional commercial still photography and 360º virtual tour I created of the dealership. Check them out below and go here to learn more about the dealership!

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Shelby Pediatric Dentistry, Pelham AL - Google 360º Virtual Tour & Commercial Photography by

I am kind of weird. When I go into a building or business and see lots of bright, powerful color, I get excited. My wife, Kelly, can tell you that when I see a beautiful space, especially in good light, I get as giddy as a 13 yr old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

As soon as I walked into Shelby Pediatric Dentistry I knew I had to photograph this business. The color scheme is amazing. Bright teal’s and oranges everywhere you look. The lighting fixtures, furniture, architecture, and colors all came together to create are really fun environment. I knew that parents and kids would love the place. So I wanted to create a Google 360º virtual tour to show it off.

As I’ve mentioned in the past however, a pretty building does not necessarily a  successful business make. You have to have a good business model, and the right people to provide the best possible customer experience. This is especially true in the highly competitive market of pediatric dentistry. In the greater Birmingham area there is no shortage of highly qualified dentists. Separating yourself from your competition is critical.

Dr Baxter has done that with his facility, by having the Google Maps Business View virtual tour, offering a unique experience, and having great staff. I can also speak to personal experience. My 10yr old son, Wilder, can be a bit of a handful at times. Dr Baxter and his team were amazingly patient and efficient. I was truly impressed with how well they did, and Wilder loved the TV’s on the ceiling! 

So if you have kids, and they have teeth, I highly recommend checking out Shelby Pediatric Dentistry in Pelham. You can learn more about them on their website and Google My Business Pages. Be sure to click the thumbnails to view the conventional commercial photography I created and the 360º virtual tour!

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Shaping U Fitness - Pelham, AL - Commercial Photography by

These days there are so many challenges for those wanting to live a more healthy lifestyle. The increase in sugar, processed foods, and salt, combined with busier schedules, increased stress, and the many distractions, can make it difficult to be healthy. That’s why I like the approach Brad Pugh, owner of Shaping U Fitness in Pelham, take when it comes to shaping up his clients. It’s a holistic approach. From mental training, meals, as well as the one on one consulting and training he provides each person. It’s different in so many ways from a traditional gym or even crossfit. 

I was proud to be able to create a Google Maps Business View tour of his gym. The location is off the beaten path. It’s unlikely that you would just happen upon it. That’s one of the great things about the Google tour. Prospective clients can get a feel for the surrounding area. They can recognize when in the right place.

If you are looking for something different from the normal gym or crossfit, I recommend checking out Shaping U in Pelham! You can learn more about them on their website. They also did a great job of embedding the tour on their Facebook page.

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GradePower Learning Centers - Birmingham & Pelham Google Maps Business View by

Educational child tutoring outside of school is not a new thing. Learning centers have been around as long as I can remember. In the past it was viewed as a way to help struggling or failing students up in grades. Now there’s just as much emphasis on taking good students and making them great. The pressure to attend college, especially a good one, has never been greater. The competitive nature of today’s job market make every grade on every test that much more important. 

So a new breed of tutoring center has come onto the scene. The Grade Power Learning Centers are one of those. Created in England, the Birmingham area now has two locations. In Birmingham off of Hwy 280 and Pelham, close to I-65. These brand new centers are amongst the very first in the United States. Rather than teach memorization, Grade Power teaches how to learn. They give the students a foundation that will help them not only now, but throughout their academic careers.

“Confidence is a big part of helping children get better grades,” says Tony Mauro, Owner and Executive Director of GradePower Birmingham. “When children start to feel better about their learning abilities, they can accomplish anything. We’re really happy to be bringing these learning opportunities to the Birmingham community.”

I’m excited to work with Tony and his team to help promote Grade Power. I created Google Maps Business View 360º virtual tours of each location, as well as conventional commercial still images. These will help the Grade Power Learning Centers stand out from their competition and give both parents and their children an opportunity to tour the centers before coming in.

So if you want to give your child an academic boost, I highly recommend giving Grade Power a look! Learn more about them on their websites: Birmingham Hwy 280  and Pelham.

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Do you have a business in the greater Birmingham Alabama metro area that you’d like to have a Google Maps virtual tour created? Call or email me to set up a free no obligation consultation and quote.