Willow Homes 702 Morris - Birmingham AL Commercial Photographer / by Tommy Daspit

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Last week I had the privilege of photographing another Willow Homes project. Jason Hale and his team specialize in remodeling and new construction in the more historic parts of Birmingham. You will usually find their work in Mountain Brook and Homewood. The homes they build fit the style of those neighborhoods. They are new homes that don’t look out of place. It’s a rare talent to be able to do that and being from a town with many a historic home, I have a special appreciation for it.

This home is a perfect example of that. Right around the corner from the last project I photographed for them, this Craftsman style home fits the neighborhood perfectly. Inside you will find all the modern luxuries you would expect out of a new home, while still maintaining the feel of the exterior. The Willow homes style is easy to recognize, as is the quality work and attention to detail.

Timing on this one was pretty tight. The new owners were moving in the next day but there were some finishing touches that still needed to be completed. I worked around the finishing and cleaning crews to get the images you see here. I was a particularly challenging situation and it game me some unique opportunities to stretch my skills. For example, the dishwasher was having a custom panel made to make it look like a cabinet and not an appliance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite ready at the time of the shoot. So I made one in Photoshop! (I’ll be doing a behind the scenes blog post on this soon).

In the end I think it came together pretty well. I’m proud to show off theses images and I know Jason will be proud to show them to potential clients. He not only uses my images on his website, social media, and other marketing platforms, but also to help clients with their planning and designing process. If you are in the market for a home renovation or new construction, and you want someone who specializes in historic design, give Jason and his team a call!

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