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3624 Dover Dr - Mountain Brook, AL Real Estate Photography by Tommy Daspit

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Ordinarily I’d link to the listing for this amazing midcentury modern home that I recently photographed for Kim Maddox of ARC Realty, but it’s already sold! I was a little tardy in posting this but I wasn’t THAT tardy!

This is my favorite style home and especially with the kitchen and living room, I loved photographing this house! The light in the remodeled kitchen was a photographers dream. By far this was the most amazing kitchen I’d ever photographed.

I was honored that Kim hired me to photograph this home. The sellers were good friends of hers and she wanted to go all out in promoting this listing. She choose me in large part because of the twilight exterior images that I can create. The back yard was particularly nice with the two levels of deck and she really wanted to showcase it. Of course I was happy to oblige!

Congratulations to the sellers and the new owners on the quick sale of this amazing home!

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3088 Whispering Pines - Birmingham AL Real Estate Photographer by Tommy Daspit

Among all the homes I’ve ever photographed, this one is my favorite. I’ve shot multi-million dollar mansions and super fancy houses, but this is the one I’d like to own the most. As soon as I drove up I knew I would like it. As soon as I walked in the door I told Lee (Lee Marks of Realty South) that this was my favorite listing she’d ever had.

Now, I know that I’m pretty unique in this view, but I love this style of home. Built in 1959 by an architect it is very much in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s single level and very boxy on the outside. From the road it appears that the home has no windows. There’s no way to see inside. On the inside you see that there’s actually a lot of natural light. Windows at the top of the walls compliment the large windows that look out into an enclosed courtyard. The entrance is actually hidden, creating a sense of drama when first walking through the door. Inside the main room, dining area, kitchen, and courtyard all feel like one big space.

Speaking of the kitchen, it’s been modernized by the current homeowner (only the second) beautifully. It is really something out of a magazine. The whole home has been amazingly well cared for. I was thoroughly impressed in every way!

Check out the listing here (most of the exterior photos are not mine, it was raining pretty hard that day).

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