3624 Dover Dr - Mountain Brook, AL Real Estate Photography / by Tommy Daspit

Best Real Estate Photographer in Birmingham AL

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Ordinarily I’d link to the listing for this amazing midcentury modern home that I recently photographed for Kim Maddox of ARC Realty, but it’s already sold! I was a little tardy in posting this but I wasn’t THAT tardy!

This is my favorite style home and especially with the kitchen and living room, I loved photographing this house! The light in the remodeled kitchen was a photographers dream. By far this was the most amazing kitchen I’d ever photographed.

I was honored that Kim hired me to photograph this home. The sellers were good friends of hers and she wanted to go all out in promoting this listing. She choose me in large part because of the twilight exterior images that I can create. The back yard was particularly nice with the two levels of deck and she really wanted to showcase it. Of course I was happy to oblige!

Congratulations to the sellers and the new owners on the quick sale of this amazing home!

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