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Adams & Gerndt - Mountain Brook AL Architectural Photographer by Tommy Daspit

Twilight exterior of the rear and pool. This is one of the most extensive remodel projects I've ever seen. Hard to comprehend the before with the after! 

So much amazingness in this project!

This was a remodel in Mountain Brook of a truly epic nature. My client, Adams & Gerndt Architecture in Homewood, did a truly phenomenal job transforming this home. The before images are truly mind blowing. It’s hard to believe that it is the same house. 

Of course I was totally excited when I walked through the door to see this modern creation inside. I don’t see very many like this in the Birmingham area. In the living room, a huge wall of windows flooded the space with amazing natural light. The kitchen featured an amazing kitchen with clean lines, bright cabinets, and one of the coolest looking islands I’ve ever seen. I knew this would be a special project for sure!

It turns out that Birmingham Magazine thought so too. They featured my image of the living room on the cover of the 2018 Home and Garden Issue with a six page article!

Birmingham Magazine Home and Garden Issue 2018

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Architect: Adams & Gerndt Builder: Twin Construction Interior Design: Defining Home

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1982 Cahaba - Birmingham AL Real Estate Photographer by Tommy Daspit

Tommy Daspit is an Architectural, Commercial, Real Estate and Google Maps Business View Photographer in Birmingham, AL.

This shoot is a great example of why I love working with professional real estate agents who are dedicated to their trade. Many agents aren’t “all in” when it comes to selling homes. Many do it as a “side thing” or as a “hobby”. These are the ones you will often see on sites like or You can see them in the mirror with their iPhone or iPad titled at a crazy (artistic?) angle.

Michael Murphree of ARC Realty is not such an agent. He’s a full time, professional salesperson who goes the extra mile for his listings. He hires me for all of his listings (paying out of his pocket), helps get the home looking its best, and if empty or in need, he hires professional stagers to decorate and furnish the home. 

An empty home doesn’t look good. It doesn’t photograph well and it doesn’t show well. Having it professionally staged can be expensive (the agent typically pays), but it helps the home sell faster, and for more. The same applies to the photography. The better the home looks on the listing sites, the faster it will sell and for more.

BEFORE -  Photo taken before staging by the agent.

BEFORE - Photo taken before staging by the agent.

AFTER -  My photo taken after the staging. Which one would make you pause and take notice while flipping through the MLS?

AFTER - My photo taken after the staging. Which one would make you pause and take notice while flipping through the MLS?

BEFORE -  Agent photo of dining/living room

BEFORE - Agent photo of dining/living room

AFTER -  My photo, post staging.

AFTER - My photo, post staging.

This particular listing was expertly staged by Karen Sovacool of Red Door Staging in Birmingham. This is the first project I’ve photographed that she staged and I will say that I’m impressed with the results! The look and furniture are a great fit for the home and really help it shine!

Hopefully I’ll be able to work with her many more times in the future! View the full listing here. (BTW, I didn't take the first or last three photos)

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2217 2nd Ave N - Birmingham AL Real Estate Photography by Tommy Daspit

The Birmingham metro real estate market is on fire. Homes are selling fast and inventory tight. The downtown Birmingham loft market is burning brighter than most. Downtown is experiencing an amazing resurgence. New shops, restaurants, and recreational scenes are making it more attractive than ever before. 

That’s why I was so excited to photograph this loft for Clint DeShazo of ARC Realty. Clint really specializes in the downtown loft niche. He runs the Birmingham Loft District Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you’re interested in some swanky downtown living, Clint is the man to talk to.

This particular loft is no exception. Right downtown in the historic Rhodes Carroll building, this one bedroom screams cool. With the exposed brick, hardwood floors, and spot lighting, it’s just perfect. A great space for me to photograph already, Clint kicked it up a notch by having Swag Home Staging and Design furnish and decorate the space. I’ve worked with Erin Dunavant and her team at Swag before on another downtown loft. I was thrilled to learn that they had done this listing as well. It makes my job so much easier and makes it so much easier to sell the property as well. It may seem counterintuitive, but a blank slate is not what potential buyers want to see. Having it styled in a fashionable way shows the possibilities of what it can be and helps people connect in a way that an empty room cannot.

Click here to see the full listing. 

Be sure to check out The Birmingham Loft District Facebook page and Swag’s website as well!

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819 Conroy - Birmingham AL Real Estate Photography by Tommy Daspit

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To learn more about the this home see the listing here.

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3624 Dover Dr - Mountain Brook, AL Real Estate Photography by Tommy Daspit

Best Real Estate Photographer in Birmingham AL

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Ordinarily I’d link to the listing for this amazing midcentury modern home that I recently photographed for Kim Maddox of ARC Realty, but it’s already sold! I was a little tardy in posting this but I wasn’t THAT tardy!

This is my favorite style home and especially with the kitchen and living room, I loved photographing this house! The light in the remodeled kitchen was a photographers dream. By far this was the most amazing kitchen I’d ever photographed.

I was honored that Kim hired me to photograph this home. The sellers were good friends of hers and she wanted to go all out in promoting this listing. She choose me in large part because of the twilight exterior images that I can create. The back yard was particularly nice with the two levels of deck and she really wanted to showcase it. Of course I was happy to oblige!

Congratulations to the sellers and the new owners on the quick sale of this amazing home!

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